Practice Directions

As per the Regulated Health Professions Act 85:

A council may issue practice directions in respect of the practice of the regulated health profession.

What is a Practice Direction?

Practice directions set out requirements related to specific aspects of the RHPA, regulations and paramedic practice. Practice Directions also explain, add, or guide paramedics with respect to the subject matter described in the regulation or any other matter relevant to the practice of paramedicine. Compliance with approved practice directions is required as described under section 86 of the RHPA.

It is imperative that Registrants with the College of Paramedics of Manitoba understand Scope of Practice, Scope of Work, and the difference between the two.

Scope of Practice vs Scope of Work

Scope of Practice:

A paramedic’s Scope of Practice is defined by the Reserved Acts of the Regulated Health Professions Act. Each practice level (EMR, PCP, ICP, ACP, CCP) has specific Reserved Acts that are designated

Scope of Work

Employers are responsible for identifying any specific skills within the reserved acts which may be performed by paramedics in their employ. Employers may limit specific skills performed by their paramedic employees. Although a Sub-register of paramedic may be authorized by the Regulation to perform a specific skill, the employer may restrict the use of that skill while the paramedic is working for that employer. A paramedic may work for more than one employer, and it would be the responsibility of the paramedic to know what skills each employer allows.

All employer policies, procedures, care maps and directions related to the practice of paramedicine must align with College standards.

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