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Council Members

Council Members

Leah Braun

Council Chair

(Paramedic representative), Leah has been a Paramedic in EMS for 20 years and is currently working as a Superintendent in Portage la Prairie. She has served on the Manitoba Health exam team, as a member of the COPR national exam writing group, and is a past member of the board of directors for the Paramedic Association of Manitoba.

Greg Graceffo

Council Chair-Elect

Greg is a public member of the College of Paramedics. Prior to his retirement in 2019 Greg was the Associate Deputy Minister Community Safety Division of the Department of Justice. Greg is currently active as a consultant, who in addition to his a consulting work, serves as the Vice Chair of the Adult Abuse registry. Greg serves as a Chair of Council’s Governance Committee.​

Ryan Youngston

Council Treasurer

(Paramedic representative), Ryan is a Paramedic representative on council. He is currently employed as a Firefighter / Primary Care Paramedic with the City of Winnipeg. He has previously worked as a Paramedic in Winnipeg, and as a Firefighter / Paramedic in Thompson. In addition to serving on the College Council, Ryan is also the Chair of the Finance Audit and Risk Committee.​

Tom Wallace

Member of Governance Committee

(Paramedic representative), Tom has been a Paramedic since 1997 and is currently licensed as an ACP. He serves as the Deputy Chief responsible for support services with the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service. He serves as a member of the Governance Committee.​

Karen Martin

District Chief of Community Paramedicine

(Paramedic representative), Karen is an Advanced Care Paramedic and the District Chief of Community Paramedicine with the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service (WFPS). Karen began her EMS career in rural Manitoba in 1993 and joined the WFPS in June of 2000. ​

Sean Klemick

Member of Finance Audit & Risk Committee

(Paramedic representative), Sean is a Firefighter/Intermediate Care Paramedic with Brandon Fire and Emergency Services (BFES). Sean began his career in EMS with Assiniboine RHA in 2003 and was later employed as a Firefighter/Paramedic for the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service before joining BFES in 2007. He is a member of the Finance Audit and Risk Committee.​

Nick Kasper

Member of Governance Committee + Appointments Committee

(Paramedic representative), Nick is an Advanced Care Paramedic with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences. Employed as a Firefighter Paramedic and Special Operations Program Coordinator with WFPS, he is fortunate to have the continued opportunity to work in a variety of roles serving rural and northern Manitoba communities. His experiences have included Medical First Response, Canada Task Force 4 Disaster Response Team, Adjunct Instructor for the Manitoba Emergency Services College, as well as Ground, Fixed and Rotary Wing Ambulance. He is a member of both Governance and Appointments Committees.​

Madeleine Guay

Member of Appointment Committee

(Paramedic representative), Madeleine started her career in EMS in 2012. She is currently employed as a rural Primary Care Paramedic with Shared Health Manitoba. Madeleine currently sits on the Appointments Committee.​

Jean Cox

Member of Governance Committee + Finance Audit & Risk Committee

Jean is a public member of the College of Paramedics of Manitoba and is a member of the Council’s Finance Audit and Risk Committee and Governance Committee. Prior to her retirement in 2017, Jean was Assistant Deputy Minister of Regional Policies and Programs at Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living. Jean has served on a number of provincial and a national Boards of Directors including Canadian Patient Safety Institute, Diagnostic Services Manitoba, CancerCare Manitoba and Misericordia Health Centre.​

Matt Maruca

Member of Appointments Committee

Matt is a public member of the College of Paramedics of Manitoba and also a member of the Appointments Committee. He was previously a member of the Finance Audit and Risk Committee. Matt spent years working in politics before beginning his legal career. After several years in private practice, he became General Counsel and a senior executive for a major medical association, overseeing legal affairs and the creation of a communications and marketing function. Matt founded Maruca Strategic Counsel in 2020 to provide a broad array of unique, multi-disciplinary and strategic legal and consulting services to clients across North America. He is the only lawyer to complete the prestigious Master of Communications Management through McMaster and Syracuse Universities. ​
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