Accessibility Policy

This policy has been developed to ensure that the College of Paramedics of Manitoba provides equal customer service for people with disabilities. This includes identifying, removing and preventing barriers for people with disabilities who need to receive College services.

The College of Paramedics of Manitoba is committed to meeting its obligations under the Accessibility for Manitobans Act; the Human Rights Code of Manitoba, and any other applicable legislation.

When a barrier to communication is identified, the College will make reasonable efforts to ensure that communication is conducted in a manner that accounts for the barrier.  Alternate forms of communication will be provided where possible. Any visitor to our office is welcome to use any required assistive device.

Visitors to the College are welcome to bring support persons to participate in college meetings or interviews.

Service animals may attend the College with their owner. The owner of the service animal accepts responsibility for the care and concern of the animal while on College premises.

Access to the College is provided by an elevator and all doorways are wheelchair accessible within the College meeting space.

The College welcomes feedback related to Accessible Customer Service. This feedback can be provided to the Executive Director at

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