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A Transitional Council was appointed by Government to provide the necessary oversight of College activity in order for the College to be fully implemented under the RHPA. The terms of office for the appointed members of Council expired in May 2021. New Council appointments were made in June 2021. 

Council of the College of Paramedics of Manitoba is established in accordance with s. 12(1) of the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA). The purpose of the Council is to ensure the business affairs of the college are carried out in keeping with the college’s mandate, duties, and powers. Requirements for council composition and terms of office are described in the RHPA and in the college bylaws. 

Council has two sub-committees to support important council activity and work. The council Governance Committee ensures effective Council governance by advising the Council on matters related to the Council’s governance structure and processes, evaluation of Council effectiveness, and includes recruitment, education and evaluation of Council members. The council Finance, Audit, and Risk Committee assists the Council to fulfil its fiduciary responsibilities for financial reporting, setting of internal controls, and appoints an external auditor to assess the financial condition of the organization on an annual basis.

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