Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities and planning are important for organizations, to foster best practice and organizational growth.

From 2018 to December 2020 organizational priorities were devoted to hiring staff; setting up the office environment; developing Governance processes; and developing the regulations and supporting documents that were required in order to be administered under the Regulated Health Professions Act.

Council Priorities for the remainder of the 20/21 Council year and the 21/22 Council year are in development. Council priorities for the 2021/22 Council year were approved by Transitional Council on December 16th, 2020.  These strategic priorities will guide the work of Council until a 3-5 year strategic plan can be developed.

The 21/22 strategic priorities are:

  1. Work to improve the regulatory literacy of registrants
  2. Ensure transparency of financial management
  3. Focus on professional development and onboarding of Council and committee members so they may better understand their roles and responsibilities to the College and the committees that they serve on.
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