Complaints Process

The Complaint process is thoroughly described in Part 8 Professional Conduct of the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA).

As per s. 90(1-4) in the (RHPA) any person may make a complaint about a member’s conduct.

Complaints must be made in writing to the Registrar using either the College complaint form or by submitting a letter to the attention of the Executive Director/Registrar

If the Registrar believes that the conduct of a member or former member may constitute conduct about which a finding could be made under s. 124(2), the Registrar may treat the information as a complaint even though no complaint has been made under subsection (2). 90(3)

A complaint may be made about a member even if his or her registration or certificate of practice has been cancelled, suspended or not renewed, but only if the complaint is made within five (5) years after the cancellation, suspension or non-renewal. 90(4)

Complaint Process Handbook

Complaint Process Flow Chart

Complaint Process Overview

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