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Bylaws Information Package

March 25, 2022

Revised Bylaws Information Package

An Update to Registrants Regarding College Bylaws and June 2022 AGM

The Information Package includes:

  • Bylaws Communique
  • A PowerPoint slide deck with detailed background information about:
    • the proposed model for filling Council vacancies
    • the process for asking questions, providing responses related to the revised Bylaws
    • information on how the voting on the Bylaws will occur; and
    • information about the AGM.
  • The Revised Bylaws
  • A Bylaw FAQ

The Council Governance Committee previously circulated the information for feedback on the proposed Bylaws according to the process and dates outlined in the enclosed PowerPoint information document. In keeping with the Act, Governance Committee will carefully review and consider all comments received.  The final version of Bylaws will be circulated to registrants on May 23, 2022.

We thank you in advance for your careful review of all documents and look forward to receiving your feedback and addressing any questions you may have.

Thank you on behalf of CPMB Council Members Leah Braun; Greg Graceffo; Ryan Youngson; Tom Wallace; Karen Martin; Sean Klemick; Nick Kasper; Madeleine Guay; Jean Cox; Matt Maruca

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