Update to Registrants on College Bylaws

October 22, 2021

Thank you to those who responded to the consultation held over the month of September related to the College Bylaws.

Based on feedback received during the consultation, the version presented to membership during the September 2021 consultation is now the version of Bylaws that will be in use by the organization.  Council will now work on the next phases on the “bridge process” between now and the 2022 AGM.

Click for more information on the steps of the “bridge process”.

The important work to evolve the College bylaws will be led by the Governance Committee of Council. All the commentary regarding bylaws and amendments approved by motions at the 2021 AGM will move forward to the Committee as it continues to review the 16 amendments proposed and opposed at the 2021 AGM. Draft minutes from the July 29, 2021, AGM are found here.


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