COVID-19 Response – Ministerial Orders

April 27, 2021

Paramedics are able to support the COVID-19 response in Manitoba through two different Ministerial Orders. The order related to Nasopharyngeal swabbing allows paramedics to perform swabbing in testing sites.  Paramedic students and EMR’s may also perform nasopharyngeal swabbing after completing a micro-credentialing program. The Ministerial order for nasopharyngeal swabbing is found here. In addition, as of April 13, 2021 paramedics may now perform nasopharyngeal swabbing on behalf of private employers.  The Ministerial order related to this additional authorization is found here.

A second Ministerial Order related to Covid-19 Vaccine administration was also released. Paramedics, in keeping with Reserved Act 9, Medication Administration and Reserved Act 9 Vaccine Administration, were already able to serve in roles related to Vaccine administration. The order does allow paramedic students to complete a micro-credentialing course related to vaccine administration and upon completion serve in roles related to vaccine administration. The Ministerial Order related to COVID-19 Vaccine administration is found here.

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