A Message from the Executive Director

March 17, 2020

Introducing Our New Website!

from Trish Bergal, Executive Director/Registrar

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. I would like to thank all of our College staff and staff of MHSAL (Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living) Emergency Medical Services, who have helped with design and content development.

We understand how important communication is during changing times in Paramedic practice in Manitoba. For practicing paramedics there are changing government roles and responsibilities, the creation of Shared Health Manitoba, changes in union representation, new staff and board members with the  Paramedic Association of Manitoba, and lastly, the creation of a Regulatory College!

The current goal date to be operational as a regulator in Manitoba is September 1, 2020. The launch of our new website will help us provide a forum for more regular and frequent communication to the public and to paramedics, as we advance toward our official launch date.

We will be able to use our website for on-line registration, Webinars, newsletters, general information and content, a membership portal and mechanisms for the public to access our services. We are excited to create and develop the website as we evolve as a College.

We know that the website is only one way to communicate. We are planning in-person (or virtual) focus sessions on important topics, tutorials for other topics and last but not least, developing social media sites that provide you with important highlights …. and point you back to the website for more comprehensive information.

Thank you so much for visiting our website. If you have feedback on how we can improve it, please contact us at

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